Photography tips

Simple unconventional tricks to capture the best photography shots

Simple photography tricks

My love for photography has inspired me to constantly carry out research to find out better ways to improve my photography results. After years of sieving through the general information on the internet, I have realized that there is really nothing new added to the previous tips I had read about years ago.

This means that many people have stopped being creative, I took it upon myself to carry out personal investigations with the aim of finding out better ways to capture amazing photographs even when in a disadvantaged situation. I hope you will find the following tips useful. They work, I have personally tested them out.

1. Your lampstand is an excellent substitute for a tripod

If you every find yourself in a situation where a group photograph needs to be taken but there is no tripod, quickly grab the nearest lamp stand. Carefully take off the lamp shade and screw on the camera onto the stand. I noticed that these lamp stands have the same screw thread as our cameras; now all you need to do is position your focus to capture the entire group and starts taking your shots.

2. Take out the lens to get awesome macro shots

I was skeptical about this photography trick at first, it took only a few trials to convince me that it was simply a great way to get fantastic results. All you need to do is take off the lens and hold it up in front of the camera, what you have just achieved is a macro lens.

There are four important factors to consider when using this technique to get the best results.

1.For this to work, you will have to switch the camera into manual operation mode.

2.The best results will be attainable when you use lens measuring 50mm prime or an 18 inch, 55mm model. I arrived at this considering the ideal focal length is 50mm.

3.In the manual mode, you will have to take charge of the focus by adjusting your position closer or further away from your shot.

4.You will have to also manually operate the aperture, this is done by locating the aperture control switch usually located at the back of the lens.

Not still satisfied? You might find holding the lens a bit awkward; you can get the reverse lens mount for about $7 this will hold the lens firmly without your support. To ensure that every minute detail is captured, you need to use a tripod for stability while shooting.

3. Taking nice pictures in a busy place

Many tourist pictures are always distorted by other people milling around in the background. You can get good pictures capturing only what you need by following these instructions.

Step 1: Set up your tripod and place your camera on it.

Step 2: Take rapid shots as many as fifteen shots should be okay.

Step 3: On Photoshop extended, open all the images. You can do this by going through file>Scripts>Statistics, select the median and tick the pictures you want to be worked on.

Step 4: Excellent, you will realize that your picture is perfect without people in the background; Photoshop merges the pictures together eliminating those parts that showed people in the background.

Simple photography tricks

4. Camera strap and the GND filter

I am very happy to reveal this particular trick because many photographers out there face this same challenge when taking pictures of landscape. It reduces the intensity of brightness from the sky on your landscape shots.

A GND filter is a piece of glass designed to darken the upper part of pictures due to the dark tint at the upper part of the glass. The dark tint fades away towards the lower part making it possible to take shots without obstructions.

There is another way around using a GND filter, you can use a dark colored piece of paper to create a shade above the lens, and the same results will be achieved with this trick.

I was once faced with a challenge while filming a landscape scene, I was able to get great shots by using the camera strap to darken the upper half of my lens in quick succession to get the shots I wanted.

This will work because of the dark color of your camera strap (please only use a black strap).

5. Insulation reflector board

This might not qualify as a trick but it is a method to get the right effects for your pictures. When you need to take outdoor portraits, you will be happier with the results if circular reflectors are used to get better lighting. It will be used to redirect the sunlight to brighten up your pictures. Considering getting the best results for a full length shot, you might need to get a bigger reflector for this because the circular reflector will work only for a portrait highlighting the face and shoulders. A full length reflector will cost about $70.

Getting two sides for your reflector- White and Silver.

I observed a very good way to utilize the reflectors for getting both a silver reflection and white reflection. This was done by covering the edges and back with a white duct tape. I tried it and it worked just fine. I recommend getting an insulation board measuring about 4 feet high.

This way you have a portable reflector that can be used to reflect both white and silver effects for your pictures. Interestingly, I have found other uses of this reflector, you might laugh at first but it works. I use it to create an artificial windy scene when I am working with models that have a long hair. All we do is to use this four feet reflector as a fan to get the effect of a windy location where the pictures were taken.

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