Photography lighting equipment list

Photography lighting equipment

Whether you are an amateur or a profession photographer, you will need photography lighting equipment list in your studio in order to control the most affecting factor in your photos, Light! We know as photographers, that Light is the secret behind all successful photos, and if you know how to control the light in your photos and for your photos, then you only need some experience to be a profession photographer!

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Photography lighting equipment are the most necessary tools in your studio after your camera! Anyway, what could be more important than lighting tools except the picturing tool itself! After you choose your camera, the one that you know very well! It is time to prepare your studio with some proper photography lighting equipment.

Photography lightinge quipment

Photography lighting equipment list

Before we get into the specific list, which varies by the way from photographer to another, we need to tell you that photography lighting equipment fall necessarily under one of these sections:
The major light sources.
The tools that control the spreading or limit of light.
The stands that hold those tools.
So, let us tell you what to get for your studio of the photography lighting equipment.

The light sources:

Light sources are simply the flash tools that come in different and various shapes and sizes! From the powerful types that consist of flash heads and power packs, to the moonlight types, to the small flash tools that can be added to your camera! You can choose what is more suitable for you and for your photo circumstances. If you were going to shoot your subject under the sunshine, you may not need so powerful light sources! On the other hand, you will need specific powerful flash tools inside your closed studio.

Photography lightinge quipment
The light photography lighting equipment that have power packs are usually come in two types, one is symmetric power packs while the other is
assymetric power packs. The first one give an equal power to the flash heads that you have, the other type give you an option to control which flash head you need to be more powerful than the others.
The moonlight tools usually are the most desired light sources. They are powerful enough, portable, and come with prices that are more reasonable. The small flash heads that can be fitted to the camera are the cheapest! But you cannot control the direction of light which is very necessary for any profession photographer.

Controllers of the light

The tools that modifying the direction of light, its spread, and its color! These Photography lighting equipment also come in various shapes and sizes. The most known ones for us are the umbrellas and soft boxes.
The reflecting umbrellas are very important to spread the light that comes of the flash towards the inside of the umbrella in order to spread softly and hit the subject in front of it. These umbrellas differ in size, color of the inside, and surly in price! According to your specialism, you can choose what is more suitable for you. However, usually you will need all types if you were a fashion photographer!
Soft boxes also come in various shapes, but they are all consist of squared or rectangular reflecting box, covered with a translucent front. This allows the soft boxes to give light that is more specific on the subject, but less soft rays. Unlike the reflective umbrella, that gives you less controlling on the flowing light but more soft and more spread.
There are also many other reflecting Photography lighting equipment, such as snoots, barn doors, or honeycomb grids. They also come in different shapes and sizes. You can also use any board as a flag to control the direction and the amount of light that fall on your subject.

The stands to hold your Photography lighting equipment

You may think that these tools are the less important or necessary tools between your Photography lighting equipment. The truth is that your choice in the stands can determine the protection of your expensive cameras and
flash instruments! Before we talk about them, take our advice: expensive camera means expensive flash tools, and expensive stands! Otherwise, you can choose what fit with your budget!
Stands length can usually be set manually in all types. Anyway, there are two different major types: the lightweight ones, and the C stands.
There are always additional tools for more controlling and stabilizing instruments. Such as sand bags or air shocks that can be attached to the lightweight stands. The sand bags can give your lightweight stands more stabilizing on the ground. The air shocks can make any accident or falling of your instrument less damaging.

C stands, on the other hand, are more stable, more functional, and more expensive for sure! You do not need any attachments with them. This type of stands is very functional in video filming and in windy days! Exam your budget and your needs before deciding.
It is you who decide what Photography lighting equipment are more important for your photos, after your camera of Corse! You have to determine what instrument fit with you needs and your budget at the same time!
Our last advice to you: As during choosing your camera, you can rent some Photography lighting equipment to decide if they are good for you and your studio or not! This will help you to avoid spending money on something may not be useful for you on the future of the Photography lighting equipment.

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