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Photographer’s Tips for Newborn Baby Portraits

Newborn Baby Portraits

Newborn baby portraits are a part of every photographer’s experience; ask any one of them!This form of photography is perhaps the most common and easiest to get into. Even though it is a common form of photography, every photographer must adapt their peculiar style into the portrait! Newborn baby portraits are intimate, close depictions of a person’s new life. They will never be that small again, so it is vital for you, as an artist, to capture this essential moment.

Chances are, you will be recording the many milestones of the family’s newborn child. For this reason, it is important to make a good impression! Newborn baby portraits are the beginning of a long-term relationship with the family, if you play your cards right. Soon enough, you will betaking the rest of the newborn baby’s important memories. Overall, newborn baby portraits are a great opportunity to build relationships with clients, strengthen that portfolio, and acquire some repeat purchases from your happy customers!

Newborn baby portraits

Planning for Newborn Baby Portraits

The key time for to take newborn baby portraits are 1 to 3 weeks after the baby is born. This common interval comes from how fast humans grow. Keep procrastination in your back pocket,and get everything pre-planned and done as soon as possible!

One of the most important aspects behind newborn baby portraits is planning. Typically, you will be working with a new family, so taking their schedule into consideration is essential! Be upfront with your available time, but be as lenient as you can. Collect as much information from the family, including the schedule of the parents, the baby’s sleeping schedule, eating times, etc.Also, be sure to talk about the overall feeling of the newborn baby portraits; parents may want specific colors and props in their photos!

Newborn baby portraits


Quite a few types of newborn baby portraits litter the market. Whether the parents are lenient or have a preference, it is important to take note of their necessities! Some types of newborn baby portraits depict the subject and overall feeling of the photography in a different way. For this reason, it is essential to discuss the following things with the parents:

  • Will the photograph be posed, or will it be lifestyle?
  • How will the parents prepare themselves for the photograph?
  • How many props do the parents plan to bring?
  • Does the baby have siblings, and do they plan to pose in some photographs?

Props, Items, and Essentials

Keepsakes, heirlooms, and props will, more than likely, make their way into the portraits. The family may bring their own props. Those props may include blankets, beanies, or clothing;however, families may also bring something intimate and emotional. For this reason,understanding the overall feel of the photograph and how to capture an emotional moment above anything else is essential. However, do not be afraid to let the family know if their prop,be it too much clothing or color, messes with the quality of photographs.

The subject of newborn baby portraits should be the baby. Too many photographs depict a lost subject with too many things going on in one place. If a photograph is too colorful, taking away from the infant, then do not be afraid to make it black and white. Other tweaks and edits may be made during the session as well.

Before making any changes, be sure to consult the family! You are the artist, but they are your consumers. Making suggestions may influence their decisions, but avoid going off on your own and revising too many times. If a family says that they enjoy their picture, then let them enjoy it,even if your artist’s eye says otherwise.

Newborn baby portraits

Let the Parents In!

Always ask the parents if they want to be depicted in the newborn baby portraits as well, and even encourage them if they deny you! No mother wants to be on camera after having a baby,so it may take a bit of convincing. Their entire likeness does not need to be shown, but a cradling hand or creative head shot is a good idea. Parents will cherish the photos of them with their newborn for the rest of their lives. The same applies to siblings or any other person that is present.

Once You’re Done, You’re Done

An infant may not be as patient as a grown up when it comes to taking photos; this makes newborn baby portraits a bit more difficult than they sound. Every newborn gets a bit fussy, so it is important to get the newborn baby portraits done as quickly as possible. Hopefully, before your session, the parents do their part by feeding the baby and arriving just in time for naps.Yet, this is not always the situation. Be prepared to have intervals of fussing, crying, and rejections from the little one!

Flexibility and inspiration is a key concept in newborn baby portraits. With another person,especially someone so small, things do not always go as planned. Do not let frustration get the best of you; instead, go with the flow. You may surprise yourself and get the shot of a lifetime!

Newborn baby portraits


Newborn baby portraits are an intimate, once in a lifetime moment for yourself and the family involved. The high demand and unique experiences with each new client. Even if you are not a parent, you can understand the emotion and depth behind each photograph. Although planning ahead may be effective, be sure to expect the unexpected, and have patience. Also, go over as many preferences as possible with the parents, ranging from props to including them in the picture. The most important thing revolves around keeping it short, simple, and taking the baby into consideration! Overall, newborn baby portraits are a demonstration of your talents in photography.

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