the most Important Outdoor photography gear

Outdoor photography gear

Photography nowadays is no longer an exclusive profession, it’s has become a wide-spread hoppy with the help of the current technology, outdoor photography gear enabled professional and nonprofessional photographers to take great photos outdoor as the gear is protecting your camera and lens while having the same advanced technology that that camera has. We always concentrate about buying cameras and lenses and they are always on our wishing list as photographers, we forget about little things that could make a big difference in your photography.

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Outdoor photography gear

We can start with the first thing on our list which is Camera Armor , as DSLR cameras are expensive enough so it need to neatly protected and that’s what a camera armor is offering you as it made out of silicon skin to fully latch to your camera and protect it while you can access all the buttons and menu’s. The camera armor is designed to withstand pressure, rainy weather and UV rays, it also include shields to protect your LCD and to absorb shock points and to protect the lens. The armor offers you a great protection for your camera with an affordable price.outdoor photography gearAn Ergorest MultiTripod would be a great addition to your outdoor photography gear, because even the most image stabilization technologies cannot be as shooting using a tripod, the Ergorest MultiTripod makes a best fit in the places that normal tripod cannot fit in, it can be attached to a car door so that you can even take shoots while you are in a moving vehicle. It can function as a chest or shoulder support provided with a finger pattern useful for a firm grip to help you holding heavy lenses. It can be positioned on a low height above the ground to make the best position to make great photos of flowers or insects or near the ground objects.Outdoor photography gearIf you would like to buy only one filter to your camera a Tiffen Polarizer would be it, as it will the best filter to add to your outdoor photography gear as a polarizer is made to use the light properties to reduce as much as possible the haze and glare that would likely be in the atmosphere, all the reflection from surfaces such as water or glass can be eliminated completely. Polarizer often makes the colors to become more saturated, there are several types of polarizers which you can choose from according to your usage and the wanted filter.Outdoor photography gearTo have a complete outdoor photography gear you will need to bring binoculars with you, it can help you greatly while you are camping in any place to see more than you can so you can explore more interesting places. Nikon Trailblazer ATB 8×25 would make a best choice as it is waterproof and foggy proof so it will work for nearly any circumstances.Outdoor photography gearThe next item is perfect for you if you take your laptop with you when you are shooting outdoors. With a Pelican 1080 HardBack Case you will be sure that nothing would affect your laptop as it will be protected from crushing, fluids, electric shocks or desert dust in a storm.Outdoor photography gearIf you are a professional photographer who is interested to enhance his photos and improve his outdoor photography gear you will need a reflector like Photoflex MultiDisc 5 in 1 Reflector as it works on catching the light, change and manipulate the light path to make varies effects to the photos, the catch here is that while you buy this product you will get the full package of the five popular surfaces which are white, gold, silver, soft gold and translucent reflector. You will benefit from each one according to your needs as they do varies functions as enhancing natural light, heighten warming like a golden sunlight, increasing contrast and soft diffusion.Outdoor photography gearSome more essential extra things in my opinion would be a greatly addition to your gear which are: Extra Flash memory it would be an emergency memory if the one you are using is full, there will be no need to waste your time deleting photos to free up some space, an extra memory will be a great solution for such situations.outdoor photography gearAnother thing is the head lamp a head lamp would be very useful in outdoor night photography, if you want to shoot something in a desert or somewhere full of rocks or swamps, a head lamp would prevent you from stepping into these places where you could get a series injury and for a recommendation you can use Petzl TACTIKKA Plus 4 LED Headlamp.outdoor photography gearLast but not least you can add a Dust Brush to you outdoor photography gear, with the VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly 724 Sensor Brush you will be able to remove any dust on your camera sensors so you can shoot the best photo possible.outdoor photography gearOutdoor photography has many kinds as you can be shooting while Hiking or Camping, in a national parks, while cruzing or shooting the wild life, so the gear you will need might vary from kind to another so you have to check well before buying an unneeded item.

Photographing outdoors can be greatly enjoyable. However, it may require that you keep some things in your mind as using any light source from nature would be an advantage for you as it will help you keeping the aperute small as possible so you can benefit most with the focus. You have to know that as the bright day offers you a great photographing atmosphere, the rainy weather has its own features. While you take shoots inside a cave or a place with low light, try your exposure setting more than a time until you get the perfect settings for the place. In a word the key of success in outdoor photography is using some simple accessories like mentioned above and always know that as much as you improve you outdoor photography gear as much your photos will be better.

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