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6 Small tips about Night time photography

Night time photography ‫‬

Night time photography is not something a lot of photographers like! Not because of its difficulty, but because it is a specialism just like any other branch of photography. May be you can meet many photographers that prefer to take their shots under the sunshine or inside locked studios, but on the other hand, you can find others that would camp the whole night in order to capture one photo of the night time photography type.

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Night time photography

Professional photographers know how beautiful to capture the stars in the sky or to have a night landscape. For beginners, this may be not as easy as it said! They may take hundreds of photos hoping to get one successful view of the sky face at night! This is why you need to read some simple tips you have to know before heading towards the woods holding your camera at night!
Even if it was not the sky what you want to shoot, even if you wanted to capture a portrait at night, this will never be solved by only flashing on your subject face! You need to know how to get the best photo at night, and you need to know more tips about the night time photography.

Small tips about Night time photography

Tip number one: Be prepared!

Usually night time photography requires long time while waiting the best shot, it may be in the woods or on the beach! Even if it was not a landscape, and you wanted to shoot other subjects at night, you have to wait for the proper shot according to the photo you aim.
Being prepared means getting your equipment set, your camp instruments, clothing for any kind of weather, and first of all, good knowledge about what and where you are going to shoot. Whether it was the moon and stars, or the traffic lights! Or even some houses on the hills. Have a very good idea about the place you are going to in order to shorten the time you are going to spend while photographing.

Night time photography

Tip number two: set your aperture and shutter speed:

Setting the aperture means setting how much wide the lens will be opened, which means controlling the amount of light that will get in to the sensor. The light that you will need in night time photography. The shutter speed on the other hand, controls how much time the shutter will stay open, which means more light to get into the sensor.

Tip number three: Be wise while using your flash:

Usually, in night time photography, you would never need using the flash. You only need to set your camera to get as much as light as you can from the scene. Although, you may need to use the flash in personal photos or other subjects. You need to be very wise not to let the huge amount of light to
show details in your photo that you do not want to show, and hide at the same time some other details that you need to focus on. Keep your flash at the good distance and power.

Tip number four: Use the self-timer:

Pressing on the shutter may cause a slightly movement of the camera that can ruin the whole photo and hardworking! Try to get some release remote or use the self-timer. Even by using the tripod in your equipment will have to stay careful not to cause any movement of the camera during capturing your scene. Night time photography usually take a long time in process in order to capture as much night details as possible.

Night time photography

Tip number five: watch your ISO setting:

Increasing or decreasing the sensitivity can help you to enable or disable faster shutter speed, you will need to set it at the best way in order to get more or less light in, the other thing you need to notice while changing the ISO settings is the amount of noise you will be OK with inside your shot.

Tip number six: take many photos:

Do not expect to shoot one photo one time! This tip is not only for night time photography, it is for all photography types and especially for night time photography! Shooting many times and from different angels will help you to get back home with many choices to pick one successful photo of them. Try many scenes with different positions and different settings of your camera, this will give you wider space of photos to work on with your software modifying programs, or to choose one good scene.

Night time photography

Night time photography is a special adventure, not only because the more difficult circumstances in which you have to shoot your photos, but also because less people try to take their photos at night! We all like to take our photos under good light settings because it is easier! This makes the night time photography a real challenge.
By reading our little tips about night time photography you may solve some problems that face you during shooting your photos. But to be a professional photographer that like to hang around at night holding your camera waiting for the best shots to take, you need more than some tips! You need to practice as much as you can. Shooting multi photos may help choose the best, but that is not all! Same introductions same results! Just keep learning
and practicing about night time photography in order to be one of the professionals.


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