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How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Children

Taking photos of kids

Taking photos of kids can be the darnest thing! Everyone loves to take the pictures of their children, it is a great way every parents can remember these really cute moments. In fact, most parents have more photos of their children than their own photos. It seems we can never take enough photos of our kids!

Kids by nature are photogenic. However, getting them to stay in position while you take the photos can be a little challenging. This is because kids have a mind of their own and they are prone to tantrums whenever the camera comes out. They will never stop moving, making goofy faces or have time to sit and pose nicely so you can capture a moment. If you are not patient with them, you won't be able to capture that perfect photo. Most parents will give up when the kid refuse to stay still or end up take only few photos.

However, getting gorgeous photos of your kids isn't "mission impossible". Like I said above, you need to be patient with them and then follow the techniques listed below to get that perfect photos of your kids to make your family album stand out

1. Timing is Everything

When it comes to taking gorgeous photos of your kids, you want to do it when they are most comfortable. Come to think of it, your kids won't have fun taking photos by 2am in the morning. You will need to ensure they are well-rested and happy. As a parent, you know what times would work best for your kids. The best time to take gorgeous photos of your kids is when they are happy and comfortable; this is usually after a nap or a snack.

In some cases, you can't control when the funny moments might happen. However, if you are planning a little photography time for your kids, ensure you plan the time for the shoot around their schedule. Perfect timing will lead to happier results.

Taking photos of kids

2. Be Ready to Play

Kids’ photography is not for over-serious photographers; children are unpredictable, you must be ready to play with them if you want to capture their best shot. You need to play with kids or have someone who can play with them around if you want to be capturing these joyful expressions. Get them excited by making funny faces or funny words and be quick to take your shot before they get bored. You will need to make your shoot fun and interesting otherwise you'll lose the kids attention fast.

Take a look around your space, you will definitely find some great ways to play with them and get fun, happy shots! You can employ their siblings or playmates to get them excited before you take your shot.

Taking photos of kids

3. Be Ready to Get Down

When you want to capture the cutest picture of your kids from their perspective, you may need to get down. I mean getting down on your knees, hands or tummy. Shots captured from these angles are usually the best, I'm sure that you are going to love them. Moreover, seeing you on your tummy will get the kids giggling, which sets the stage for the perfect photo.

You will need to get creative if you want to get the best shots. You can use color and black and white to tell different stories. Additionally, you can allow your kids to take self-portraits. You will need to make every session unique so that you will have something beautiful and memorable to add to your album.

Taking photos of kids

4. Pay Attention

A lot of things can go wrong when you want to take photos of your kids and you might not even know until you see the final result. If you understand photography well, then you won't have any problem having a good grasp of key elements such as framing, composition, depth of field, e.t.c. These basics are important for a gorgeous result and you should not overlook them just because your kid is doing something really cute and you want to capture the moment before it's gone. Always try to take the best possible photography of the best moments. A great moment can be ruined by poor framing or by a distracting face in the background. It's therefore very important that you don't forget the fundamentals and ensure you are aware of your background.

Taking photos of kids ‫

5. Capture the Motion

You will need to have the camera that can keep up with the requirements of photographing kids when you want to shot outdoors. Your camera needs to work hard to capture that motion instead of getting one blurry shot after another. Additionally, you will need to increase your shutter speed and set your camera to continuous shooting mode. Your camera will fire at its fastest shutter speed when you set it to "sports mode". This will indeed help you to capture the motion which always looks great.

Taking photos of kids

6. Shot Continuously

The best camera to use when taking photographs of your children is the one that can shot a bazillions pictures that you can easily delete later. You will need to capture as many shots as possible when photographing kids. You can select the best ones later and delete those that you don't need. After taking multiple photographs, look through the photos and select the ones with the best expressions, the best light, the best moments and of course, the one that looks most gorgeous to you.


Are you ready to capture gorgeous photos of your children? Fire up that camera now, get your kids happy, and follow the tips above to start getting beautiful photos of your kids, and if you want to have more fun taking photos of your own kids, grandchildren or clients kids click here to find more information about it.

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