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Impressive Ways of How to Learn Photography

How to Learn Photography

All of us want to know How to learn photography! Because all people nowadays have a smartphone with a decent camera that they use to capture their precious moments. Others have a film or a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera and use it either as a hobby or to pursue a professional career. But first you need to answer the important question of how to learn photography if you want to take your camera game to the next level.

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How to Learn Photography

Impressive Ways of How to Learn Photography

The first obvious answer to the question how to learn photography is to read the manual of the camera you have. The manual of your camera contains answers to many questions that might not even occur to you! You have to read the manual cover to cover as it acquaints you with the aspects and specifications of your camera and it may include some tips on photography that you will find invaluable in your actual photographing career or hobby. Many people ignore reading the manual before using the camera, which leads to many mistakes and mediocre shots. Now, that you are acquainted with the specifications of your camera you are ready to go out there and start shooting.

The next answer for the question how to learn photography is to go out there and capture the world around you! Which brings us to the second way to know how to learn photography, which is taking photographs. Some people learn photography and get hooked on it by a trial-and-error process that includes taking scores and hundreds of shots that range between terrible and awesome. Do not expect to be an experiment photographer overnight, so you have to keep on trying and looking for things to capture. Therefore, you need to keep your camera with you at all the times in order to be able to take the shot once you see it. BTW, do not just carry the camera with you, USE IT!

How to Learn Photography

One of the great ways to learn photography is to find someone to shoot with or join a photography club. Try to look for local photography clubs and join them. In case you were not able to find any, you can always contact some friends who share the same passion and try to go with them to the park in your neighborhood and start taking photos. Once you finish, check the photos in order to find the best shot and have it framed on your wall. This way adds more fun to the experience of photography as it turns it into some sort of competition that motivates you even more to take better shots.


Another possible way to learn photography is the library! As weird as it may seem, you can actually start to answer the question of how to learn photography at the local library. You can go there and look for the photography section, and you will not be disappointed. Some libraries nowadays even dedicate an entire section for photographers wither they were beginners or professionals.

Spending time reading these books and harvesting the experience of many great photographers will definitely add to your theoretical knowledge of photography and its nuts and bolts.

How to Learn Photography

One of the great ways to learn photography is to enter a photography contest. This is an offshoot of the previous way, yet more competitive. Entering a photography contest would give you the chance to hear what people think of the photos you take and provides you with positive feedback. However, you need to take into consideration that you might receive some negative comments and you should not be discouraged by those. Always remember, the important thing is to participate, not to win. Later on, once you become an accomplished photographer you can seriously compete and pursue a prize.

One of my favorite ways is to ask a professional photographer to become an apprentice. You can go to his\her studio in the weekends, or when you find yourself free and observe his\her technique. Escorting a professional is a sure way to answer the big question ‘how to learn photography’ because you will have the knowledge and experience of a lifetime at your disposal. Stay sharp and do not be shy to ask questions no matter how silly they may sound. This time that you invest in escorting this professional would save you hundreds of errors and hours you may spend reading books about photography.

How to Learn PhotographyThe best way to know how to learn photography is learning it academically by signing up now for an online course, there are many sites that provide various courses in photography for many levels. You can sign up in an online course of how to learn photography whatever your specialism is! Such as photography fundamentals, travel photography, commercial photography, wedding photography, wildlife photography, digital photography, portrait photography, food photography and much more.

I hope these ways help and inspire you to become a profession photographer, and be able to even give lesson and advices about photography. This is only the first step! Because once you get into the world of photography you will never be able to quit it even if you wanted to. So get your camera on and go out there and start shooting and discover how to learn photography.


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