How to Become a Fashion Photographer

How to Become a Fashion Photographer

Learning how to become a fashion photographer is a common aspiration among professional photographers. Fashion photography is one of the biggest opportunities in the industry. The entire genre of photography revolves around clothing trends, shows, and the depiction of models within both. Fashion photography has been alive since the invention of photography. If you want to understand how to become a fashion photographer, then the following steps are right for you!

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The Career Requirements of Fashion Photography

As a professional career, photography is an artistic form of illustration. Because it is a form of art, the personal feelings of the photographers can never be taught. Many people argue that art must be felt, but a technique can be taught. Learning how to become a fashion photographer requires technique and knowledge of the subject. The abilities of the photographer reflect the education, capabilities, and experience that they received in their career. Knowing the responsibilities, amount of education needed, and career opportunities is a responsible step toward learning how to become a fashion photographer.

Fashion photographers do not require an education, but it is possible to receive a Bachelor’s or Masters in photography. In fact, the amateur and inexperienced pathway is often searched alongside professional and experienced. The presence of a degree is dependent on the seriousness of the employer. This is good for up and coming photographers, especially if they do not have the money or time for a degree. Even though a Bachelor’s or higher is not required for photography, the first step in how to become a fashion photographer should be the pursuit or consideration of an education.


Education on How to Become a Fashion Photographer

Without an education, certain skills must still be considered. A person will never know how to become a fashion photographer without knowledge in editing, lighting, subject matter, and the photography itself. Understanding certain necessities within pictures is an important quality. Involving yourself in the world of photography without any knowledge of how it actually works is ill advised. People who want to learn how to become a fashion photographer should develop some if not all of the following skills: editing through Photoshop or other professional programs, networking, social and marketing abilities, and illustration.

A photographer’s pride and joy should be their portfolio. Illustrating fashion photography within your portfolio is a main way to learn how to become a fashion photographer. The portfolio should be filled with fashion illustrations, depictions of clothing, and models representing the popular fashions. Subject matter is important. If you want to learn how to become a fashion photographer, yet your portfolio is filled with depictions of nature, a change is more than likely necessary. Once you fill up your portfolio, putting it in an accessible place- a website, social media, or in a Cloud- is recommended!


If you are a self-employed fashion photographer, the issue lies in the need to keep momentum of clients going. A main tactic is keeping client relationships healthy, resulting in repeat sales. This is a common sales tactic that spreads business through word-of-mouth and repeat buys. Clients may also be acquired through social media or personal websites, a modern tactic that utilizes the diversity of the internet for business. A main step in learning how to become a fashion photographer relies on the photographer’s ability to create networks and client relationships.

Small online portfolios may be shared on Instagram or Facebook. Building a network of potential clients and other successful fashion photographers is the first step on social media. This requires tact and social capabilities. The ability to know when and where to look comes with research and timing. A person who wants to know how to become a fashion photographer should research the “seasons” of fashion, the most common areas for fashion to take place, and the opportunities for certain shoots.

There are many places to solely submit your work for money or publicity. Magazines are a start! Learning how to become a fashion photographer through employment in journalism is one of the fastest ways to learn. On top of that, you will receive the publicity for major career improvements, and you may even acquire opportunities for important photoshoots.

Acquiring an agent is an essential step in fashion photography. Agencies are on a constant search for a new viewpoint in the fashion world. They search for publicity, illustration, talent, and uniqueness. Showing an agency that you are the next big photographer is a huge step in how to become a fashion photographer. By utilizing modern portfolio storage, the process of showing someone your work is as easy as pushing a button. You are responsible for keeping your portfolio up to date by staging appropriate photoshoots.


Receiving a gallery is another huge step in fashion photography. Having your work presented to others with loads of career opportunities is a huge way to boost morale. On top of that, you may receive the opportunities to make you a successful fashion photographer. There are many advantages to displaying your illustrations. These advantages include, but are not limited to, selling one or more pieces, acquiring publicity, receiving career opportunities, and receiving structured critique for your improvement. No matter the results, a gallery is considered a milestone in a photographer’s career.


Fashion photography is an age-old activity, dating back to the presence of photography itself. An education in fashion photography is not required, but it is wise to be able to back yourself up with the essential skills and experiences that come with photography. On top of education, acquiring employment is another challenge. Be sure to keep up with clients! If you work hard enough, then you may even acquire enough experience and recognition to host your own gallery. Any person can take a photograph, but it takes a real professional to understand the meaning, requirements, and experiences behind the photo. Learn how to become a fashion photographer by sticking to the rules and keeping up with the times!

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