FroKnowsPhoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto- review

With FroKnowsPhoto: Go Above and Beyond Auto, pro photographer and creator Jared Polin gives you a fun and informative approach to learning photography, from assembling your camera to understanding terminology, with great motivational tips about different ways of seeing and capturing your world along the way.

Whether you’ve just picked up your first DSLR or you’ve been using one for a while, you’ll walk away from this guide with a richer appreciation for what you can do with your camera and the confidence to capture incredible, dynamic photos.

The best part is that this isn’t only classroom learning – instead of just listening to Jared talk about photography, you will see him capture actual examples that show the cause and effect of each change on the same image and watch real world photo shoots play out with these lessons in mind.

By the end, you will not only get out of Auto and unlock the power of your camera; you’ll unlock your ability to capture great images.


Jared Polin is an accomplished photographer whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine and countless other international publications. He has recently pointed his talents to the business world and established himself as an entrepreneur with incredible vision and impressive results.


Jared’s FroKnowsPhoto covers various topics ranging from explaining the camera basics, to proper compositions and understanding the myriad shooting modes. This video tutorial also takes viewers to the actual comparisons of images taken in various setting like how speed affects motion and exposure, how depth of field changes with each adjustment in the aperture knob.

My favourite part is the detailed demonstration on how focal length affects the depth of field, FroKnowsPhoto definitely knows how to exhibit the proper way of photographing subjects, at several camera setting, angles and composition.

  • How to see the world around you with the eye of photographer.

  • The basics of your camera no matter the model you have in hand.

  • How to choose good lenses and how to identify good lenses.

  • Understanding composition and how to capture great shots.

  • How to avoid cropping your photos.

  • Understanding your camera shooting modes and when to use each of them.

  • How shutter speed affects scene motion and exposure level.

  • ISO and how to control the sensitivity of your camera sensor.

  • Aperture and how it affects the depth of field.

  • Understanding focal length and different aperture lenses.

  • Understanding focus modes and light metering.

  • Tips for great kids photos, indoor photos and portrait photos.

Nothing is wasted in the full three hours running time of the video. Like, everything you need to know was covered by Jared in this FroKnowsPhoto video guide. Photo composition techniques such as the rule of third wasn’t just merely mentioned, rather it was clearly discussed and compared with other composition techniques. For photographers fond of using the manual settings, this video course clearly explains the concepts of your camera’s light meter and allows you to experiment with certain settings at any given photography situations.

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You will receive a bonus video that includes a 5 years plan for any photographer to start you business and how to make money from your talent and passion to photography. This 20 minutes video can provide a very good value because most of the photographers do not really know how to sell their photos and start their own business.

Jared and the rest of the creators of this video guide is so confident that viewers will be more than satisfied, that they are offering a full two month fulfillment, money back guarantee. If you are not pleased, then you can get your money back. But I’m betting you will get so much better as a photographer after watching the entirety of this video guide.

Let me show you what other users have to say about it.


I purchased the FroKnowsPhoto guide, it straightened my crooked teeth, regrew my hair, fixed my credit score, cured my snoring, freshened my breath, helped me lose 20 pounds, and turned me into a wildebeest in the boudoir.Thanks Jared!

The FroKnowsPhoto Beginner Guide was a great purchase. This was a tool I used to really learn the fundamentals of photography in a way that was interesting and entertaining. Jared adds the right levels of fun to keep it interesting time and time again. I have watched the guide approximately 10 times and get something out of it each time that I missed in previous viewings. It is well worth the price for such a great video for teaching the beginner how to really use the equipment they are using, and getting them the basics they need for composition, and understanding of the light. Thanks.


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  • An unprecedented 3-hour video featuring authentic shooting environments and how to train your mind and eyes to capture the surrounding images.

  • The easiness of freeing motion in your photos.

  • How to break free from the Auto mode and discover the utility of your DSLR.

  • Plentiful topics from Jared’s FroKnowsPhoto Beginner Boot Camp.

  • How to blur your background and make your images sharp.

  • Rudimentary knowledge of composition that helps you create jaw-dropping images.

  • The nuts and bolts of buttons in your camera (regardless of its make or model).

  • The importance of using quality lenses.

  • The reason why Jared Polin avoids cropping.

  • Full control of your settings with the M mode or Manual.

  • How Shutter Speed affects motion and exposure.

  • Carefulness with ISO.

  • How to deal with depth of field even with the most basic lenses and the relation between focal length and depth of field.

  • A firm grasp of your camera’s Light Meter and how to monitor it to get what you want.

  • A full understanding of the exposure triangle in photography.

  • Lastly there is 60 days full money back guarantee to the product so actually there is no risk at all.


  • There is a bit to learn here so you will need to invest time into reading the entire course.

  • The only problem with this system is that it is only available in one language – English. Therefore, it will not help those who are not fluent enough in this language. Still, you can use a translator to understand the valuable lessons and strategies contained in the Froknowsphoto Go Above And Beyond Auto.

  • Keep in mind this course is not design for professionals but beginner or amateur can take an advantage.


Jared covers just about everything you need to know about photography, even things you might not have thought you needed to know. From the most basics of how to change your lens to the all-important exposure triangle and composition. Jared has covered it all! Your photographic confidence will be brimming after watching this guide.

While it’s quite difficult to duplicate his creativity, I’m fine just being able to use his techniques. Jared’s guide isn’t so special when it comes to presentation, but the techniques are unique and helpful. That’s what’s important to me. I don’t really care much about how it’s presented. Also, all of the information included in his guide is important.

He didn’t include fillers. That’s my pet peeve when it comes to guides and courses. A lot of authors would include so much stuff that is just good-to-know, and it’s really irritating separating the rubbish from the important details. In this guide, I didn’t have to worry about that at all. It’s all in all a good course. I’m quite impressed! I highly recommend to buy Fro Knows Photo Go Above And Beyond Auto by clicking this link and grab discounted copy only from here!