Canon Vs Nikon: Which Is The Best?

Canon Vs Nikon

Canon vs. Nikon has been one of the greatest debates in the photography industry. While most photographers will tell you that canon is the best, others will stake their life on Nikon. It all comes down to personal choices and preferences. Obviously, two of them are the best brands in the industry and have lots of similarities; this is the reason why it is so hard to choose one over the other.

Both Canon and Nikon produce solid image quality and comes with a wide range of accessories; both brands also have cameras for every type of photographer. They also have their differences. Choosing the best camera will depend on your need and of course, your budget.

In this article, we will compare similarities and differences between the two brands. We will also take a look at the different features these cameras offer to know which one is the best.

Canon vs. Nikon: Sensors

When it comes to sensors; both brands excelled in producing quality sensors. When one upgrades, the other soon catches up. New sensors from these DSLRs have features that make them special.

Most of the new DSLRs produced by Nikon come with a sensor that allows them to get rid of the optical low pass filter without an abundance of distortion in fine lines and patterns. By eliminating the filter, the camera can pick up more details and perform better in low light situation. In fact, all Nikon's 2015 APS-C sensor cameras have this feature which makes them very desirable.

Canon, on the other hand, has a different feature in their sensor. The company focused more on megapixels; they still use an optical low pass filter but recently announced a full frame DSLR with a huge 50 megapixels. The new EOS 5DS R by Canon can capture an 8688x5792 resolution while the highest by Nikon, which is Nikon D810 with 36 megapixels, can only capture at most 7360x4912.

However, you can just a camera based on megapixels alone, the two produce high-quality images but there may be a noticeable difference in color.

Canon vs. Nikon: Speed

Both brands have excellent speed performance but there may be a slight difference in their burst speed rates. Judging from their various DSLRs, Canon tends to have faster high-ends DSLRs. For instance; the Canon EOS 7D Mark II boasts of an excellent 10 fps burst rate making it ideal for sports photographers. On the other hand, Nikon fastest APS-C camera, the D7200 boasts of only 6 fps.

Again, when you check their advanced options, Canon once again excelled over Nikon with full frame 1D X at 14 fps while Nikon DAS only has 11 fps.

However, if you are buying entry-level DSLR, Nikon cameras come with more speed.

Canon vs. Nikon: Lenses

Both boost of equally excellent full frame pro lenses. However, the difference lies in their APS-C where each company makes use of different lenses. Choosing a lens will depend on what you want to achieve.

Nikon is the best camera if you want one lens to cover everything from wide to 300mm. Alternatively, you will have more success with Canon when you want the new state-of-the-art telephoto and macro combo since it comes with the 100-400mm which focuses closer than 3 feet.

Canon vs. Nikon: Operation

Both brands are very similar in their performance but still retain some differences. Nikon has a slightly different technology from Canon. Let's take, for instance, Shutter priority mode is labeled differently on both cameras, on Nikon, it is "S" while it is labeled "Tv" on Canon. Both cameras use the same terminology for their autofocus modes.

There are some differences in their battery life. Nikon can take more shots on a single charge; this means it is better than Canon in this regard.

Canon vs. Nikon: Video Quality

When it comes to video quality, it is believed that Canon rules in this regard. The company was first to produce a hybrid autofocus system which allows the camera to refocus when it is recording. Again, they are known for their camera's better autofocus tracking while recording. Canon again has a range of lenses made especially for video.

However, Nikon is catching up in this area. The company's latest DSLR comes with continuous autofocus. They even released some cameras with a 60fps frame rate for smoother motion; this exceeds Canon's 30 fps. In conclusion, Canon has better video quality but Nikon is catching up.

Canon Vs. Nikon: Options

In terms of more advanced DSLRs, Canon has a lot to do to catch up with Nikon. However, there are certain areas Nikon also need to catch up with Canon; for instance, they need to have a response for Canon's speedy 10 fps EOS 7D Mark II.

In terms of entry-levels DLSRs, Nikon provides better models than Canon. As regards to price, Nikon has more affordable options but also some major differences. For instance, Nikon enthusiast D7200 is more affordable but comes with 51 autofocus points, 6-7 fps burst shooting, 60 fps HD video, 1,100 shot battery life and no optical low pass filter. Canon T6S on the same level has 19 focus points, 5 fps burst shots, optical low pass filter, and half the battery life.

In conclusion, Canon offers more in advanced level while Nikon offers more in their entry and enthusiast options.

Customer Support

Both companies provide solid customer support. However, it seems that in recent years, Nikon's customer support is regressing.

Canon's (800) OK-CANON customer support line is 100% USA based and easy to get an answer from an English-speaking agent. On the other hand, Nikon's (800) NIKON-UX is finding it hard to connect customers with an English-speaking agent and need to do something to improve the quality of their customer support.

Canon vs. Nikon: Which One is the Best?

Like we mentioned above, choosing the best will depend on what you want to achieve. The points compared above showed that each brand has both strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, choosing the best camera will depend on factors such as:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What is the most important feature in a camera for you?
  • What do you want the most; Speed, Resolution, Battery Life or Video Quality?
  • Does your manufacturer offer lenses you would like to add to your kit in future
  • What is your current budget?

Which One Should I Buy

Neither Nikon nor Canon is a bad choice. Both of them have their strongest qualities and of course, their weaknesses. But two of them are the best when it comes to DSLRs.

Both brands provide excellent cameras with solid image quality. When it comes to entry-level DSLRs, Nikon offers more affordable options with a range of features that you will find useful. Nikon's terminologies are also very easy to understand. Canon's have more speed in their high-end DSLR and therefore better for sports photographers. You can as well use Canon to shoot quality videos. My recommendation will be to set a budget of how much you can afford, go to a camera shop and choose either Nikon or Canon that feels good to you at your set budget price.

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  • I have had many brands of cameras and many types as well I own a Cannon DSLR camera it is easy to use. I like that it held on to the old school view finder and combined the screen. I can easily check what the camera sees on the screen and know exactly what I will get in a photo. I like all the features of the Cannon I have have it makes an old school 35mm camera pro come up into the modern era.

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