Black and White Photography

Black and White Wedding Photography, Why should you use it

Black and White Wedding Photography

One of the boldest and outright depictions of a beautiful event is black and white wedding photography. A common misconception lies in the “outdated” perception of black and white in photography. Despite the common perception, black and white wedding photography is one of the best ways to illustrate the event. Photography itself starting with the essence of black and white, evolving over the years to become more colorful. Many people see black and white photography as a step back, but in fact, it is quite the opposite. Other than the color content, photographers must also consider brightness, lighting, contrast, placement, etc. To put it simply, the color is not the most important part of a picture.

First, the contrast is much different between photography with color and photography with black and white. With black and white photography, photographers are able to search for extremes for the perfect illustration in the shadows, extreme contrasts, and extreme brightness versus darkness. Because a majority of weddings meet the “black and white” theme already, the actual process of making black and white wedding photography is easier. It leaves out the need for intense photo editing by presenting only the challenges of contrast and brightness intensity. Shadows can be utilized in the process of editing in a positive rather than a negative light.

black and white wedding photography

Why Use Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and white wedding photography has the potential to feel more emotional, showing appeal through story and emotional affiliation over visual. Colors can distract the viewers with aesthetic over storytelling due to the brightness. It is easier to get a viewer to focus on a core subject when the colors are not too bright and distracting, and black and white wedding photography has often been described as more emotional. A white dot in the middle of a black page will be easier to look at; the subject is obviously a white dot. Colors lose that ease in finding the subject because they are more diverse in our eyes. For this reason, the separation between showing something visually appealing versus showing something in-depth must be made apparent.

On top of the photo’s illustration, black and white may also be used as a “cheat.” Black and white wedding photography has been used to cover up spots, including acne and moles, and overcome bad lighting. Generally unattractive photos may be converted to black and white as well, especially if the displeasing look revolves around dull colors and bad shadows. A common practice to mask dull pictures, in fact, is to change the filter to black and white. This is especially true of the weddings are hosted inside with poor overhead lighting and few windows, like a small church.

black and white wedding photography

Black and white wedding photography can also be used to make the event look classier, no matter how dull it is. Many times, couples have issues when paying for their weddings, as getting married is quite an expensive occurrence. On other occasions, couples may not choose the brightest or easiest venue to work with either! If the bride and groom to be are on a budget, then the best way to save the photos from dull colors is completely getting rid of them! Black and white wedding photography at a low-budget event can truly save the essence of it, giving the wedding its own flair of personality and deep meaning.


In many cases, black and white wedding photography is prefered. However, it is wise to consult the people in charge before taking every photo with a black and white filter. A large portion of clients are actually known to prefer their pictures in color, but it is not hard to persuade a person with a beautifully illustrated picture. A good alternative would be to take all of the pictures in color and rely on editing later. That way, the people can pick their preference as well! Be sure that they understand the general rules behind black and white wedding photography, and let them see a few examples before going all out.

Using black and white in photography may solely rely on the photographer’s preference as well, and many prefer conversion over actual black and white film due to personal and client preference. On some occasions, a photographer may receive a special request to capture certain pictures in colors. In other cases, the opposite may be the case. Overall, it is the responsibility of the photographer to capture moments in their best form. The editing and colors are meant to be a form of translation; are the viewers meant to look deeper?

black and white wedding photography

In Summation

Utilizing this type of photography all boils down to preference, including the preference and abilities of the photographer and the preference of the viewers. Black and white photography is an old-school gone modern form of illustration, meaning that it has come full circle from where it began. On top of that, this special type of photography is easier to edit and, in a way, saves time and money.

Photographers use that photography for a wide range of reasons, including the more in-depth and artistic feeling behind the photograph; black and white is seen as an emotional form of taking photographs. The subject is more easily spotted within the photo, making it excellent for single-subject and “plain” pieces. It is also utilized to turn a “bad” or poorly taken picture- dull, dark, shadowy- into a piece of representative illustration. A similar method may be used for a particularly bland event with low lighting, dull colors, and nothing too bright in particular. Whether it is prefered, needed, or used in an artistic way, this old school form of photography is an important aspect to its users and an occasional preference to its viewers. The uses for black and white wedding photography are endless to a photographer.

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