camera night photography

Best camera for night photography

Best camera for night photography

How to determine the best camera for night photography , night photography is the art of taking photos at night, and night photographs are always between two choices one of them is using artificial light and the other one is using a long exposure. The long exposure is about exposing the scene for long time may be hours to give the sensors a good time to take a good photo, and with the current technology that is developing day after the other, the progression of speed films and very sensitive sensors the possibility of photographing through available light is increasing.

Best camera for night photography

There are two huge corporations in the field of photography and cameras, which are Canon and Nikon, which offers great photography systems, which cannot be matched for night photography and long exposure. However, there are new emerging companies that entered the field of cameras to enter the competition of choosing the best camera for night photography. Samsung entered the market with series of pro-cameras like NX-1 with 28 megapixels CMOS sensor, which is higher technology even greater than what is Nikon, Canon or Sony are offering. The NX-1 is a perfect fit for night photography through its image quality and its performance at low light with a full frame sensor, using a powerful imaging chip add to an advanced CPU, offering computing techniques stronger than any camera. Samsung is also having well-made software which is developing rapidly.

Also Sony is offering some interesting new cameras that are very effective in night photography,sony A7s is a new camera from Sony with some wonderful features like Full-frame sensor and BIONZ X image processor, Color Profiles that can be customized In addition to 120 fps high speed video recorder.

Best camera for night photography

Nikon D3100 is also competing to be the best camera for night photography with a new DSLR camera kit from Nikon which is really made for night photography with Nikon zoom lens in the kit that can be good for close-up actions at the night.

Best camera for night photography

Canon Rebel T3i is a monster not a camera with 3 inch LCD high resolution screen, in addition to high ability of catching photos in low or dim light with a large amount of lenses to choose from to make the best fit for your night photography.

Best camera for night photography

How to choose the best camera for night photography

The first thing to look for is the sensor as the sensor gets bigger and more advanced the photos quality gets better, the raw capture is a very important thing to be taken care of within the camera so you can take care of the image after capturing it. You have to be able to take a full manual control over everything in the camera and the exposure settings.

Lenses can be a huge addition to your kit and a great improvement to your image qualities, but you have to make a good research before buying a lens because it have to be compatible with your camera body and the camera sensors, it also have to a perfect fit for your photo kind for example a lens used to shoot in the wild life have to be completely different from that one used in the city so you have to make a wise decision before you choose.

To choose the best camera for night photography you have to see the focal length of the camera, although the autofocus generate excellent quality photos and works well with most of images, you cannot depend on it in night photography and you have to do it manually. There are Nikkor kits, which make a great help and addition to your image quality, it have a great color balance, contrast and sharpness.

The next point is the shutter speed as most of DSLR cameras their shutter speed is limited in the range of 30 seconds and 1/8000 of second and this is a limitation and affect the quality of photos taken in the night, but there is a solution for every problem as there is external remote timer used to change the shutter speed for longer periods of time. You can buy one that have an intervalometer built in it which can be programed to extend the shutter speed range to over that hours duration.

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best camera for night photography is not a single camera to be chosen, but you have to determine it according to your needs and your budget so you have to divide your selection into categories based upon your budget, and also you have to make sure you have the rest of your equipment like a tripod, cable release and a filter set.

So you have to see the larger picture, sum up all your needs, the equipment you have and what do you need, what can you but what you cannot, would you buy a new camera or it is better to use a second hand one, all those are questions you need to ask yourself and find answers for them. Because there is no 100% perfect photography kit and it always depends on many factors so don’t be fooled and just look for your needs.

Today lenses produces high quality images and sensors are of great advance and technology, but in the same time older cameras and equipment and manual focus can make a great photos most of the time so if you have an old camera and old kits, if you don’t have a big budget that is not an obstacle with a sufficient camera and a good technique you can make a great photos, and there one thing to know that you have to believe that with not a big budget you can have your own best camera for night photography

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