Landscape Photography

Beginners’ Guide to Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

There is certainly no denying the fact that photography is treated as heart of any scene. If the picture is clicked in the right manner with accurate lighting and focus then, there is no possibility of pictorial error. If we talk about the working unit of photography then, the most important component is no doubt a camera. Camera plays a great role in molding the quality of a picture and increasing its worth in every aspect.

As camera is a differentiated entity therefore, it also has certain features, which helps in setting the camera and making it favorable for the ideal photography according to the needs of the environment and lighting. (Hasin & Kutulakos, 2008)

Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment.

Ansel Adams 

Today, the photography lovers would able to find advance information about some tricks and techniques of the landscape photography with beginner’s guide. Before starting our discussion, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that photography is a skill and your camera picture can only be converted into an art, if it’s taken according to the guidelines and techniques stated by your teacher. It is always advised to have detailed knowledge about working of your camera just avoid any problems.

Landscape Photography

If you are totally a newbie then, the word landscape might be new for you. If we dig deeper into the origin of landscape photography then, it is one of those forms of photography that solely focuses on the art of the nature. It aims to capture those unfilled spaces that indicates that nature is the biggest contributor in enhancing the beauty of this earth. Some very common examples of landscape photography are those in which sunshine is leakage from the middle of the sky or sea water showing the reflection of humans or building. It is certainly hard to capture these pictures because it usually comprises of perfect timings.

If we throw light on some of the Characteristics of landscape photography and its essentials then, the most important ones as follows:

1.Focal Length

Focal length is one of the most significant features of landscape photography because it helps in understanding the difference of length between lens and the source from which light is supplied. As landscape photography is more about natural setting therefore, it is highly important to consider the proper view of the focal length. If there is any problem in the measurement of the focal length then, the chances of disturbed picture are relatively high.

 Landscape Photography


Lighting is another important feature of landscape photography and there is certainly no doubt in the fact if there are problems in lighting then, this one problem can influence the entire picture. It is also true that lighting has certain complexities however, they can be reduced by considering photos into an HDR Image. (Inanici, 2006). Lighting is one of those features of photography is further sub-divided into several characteristics and each characteristic is equally responsible for making an entire picture with best shots and angles.

3.Field of View:

Field of view is also one of the significant characteristics of landscape photography because it helps in understanding that how much view or scene is visible by the camera and what are those factors, which can be used for making the scene clearer.

 Landscape Photography

Essentials for Landscape Photography:

1.Tripod Stand and Remote Control:

There is certainly no denying the fact that tripod stand plays a very important role in landscape photography because it is hard for a camera person to sand still and capture the moments in its true essence. Tripod stand and remote control the entire working system of the picture and in return aids the camera person in capturing the right direction with amazing focal length. You should not forget to take your tripod stand with you, if you are interested in a good landscape picture.

2.Neutral Density Filter or Graduated Neutral Density:

If you are interested in controlling the amount of light entering your camera then, for that purpose you are supposed to take neutral density filter with you. This filter is highly important and helps the camera in maintaining the light which is required for the lens to capture the picture. This filter also helps the camera person in giving the picture a professional look and transform the picture into an amazing piece of art.

Above-mentioned are the most important factors and should be considered and taken care at any cost.

Landscape Photography ‫‬

Settings for the Landscape Photography:

1.Maintain the Long Exposure, Just Rightly

A landscape photo can only be taken in the right manner if the ISO of the picture, shutter speed and aperture is rightly maintained. The long exposure can be achieved by exposure triangle however, it helps in controlling the amount of the light and enable the supply of that light only, which is important for the landscape photography. If your struggling with technical terms then, you can take help from the viewfinder, which will surely help in capturing the right landscape picture.

2.Gather Maximum Knowledge and Tricks About the Depth of Field

If you have enough knowledge about the tricks of depth of field then, trust me you can easily capture an amazing landscape picture without any problem. For beginner’s it is advised to keep the aperture at f11. F11 is the basic number and once you are done with the first HDR image then, you can switch the setting according to the needs of the lighting and the view, which you are focusing.

Landscape Photography ‫‬
3.It is Better to Use Low ISO

Beginner’s should always use low ISO because it will help them in achieving the quality of the picture and capture noise free pictures with in the short period of time. The low range of ISO is between 100-200. Low ISO will also help you in focusing on the right sight of the picture and there is no doubt in the fact that your heart will guide about the right focus of the sight.

Above stated are the essential for the landscape photography and should be given importance at any cost.

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