Black and White Photography

A Beginner’s Guide to Doing Black and White Photography

black and white photography

Black and white photography is usually said to be as something not very creative because many people have this perception that taking a black and white picture is quite easy and it doesn’t require any skills however, this perception is totally wrong because a black and white picture in its true essence is not easy at all because the camera person is expected to showcase perfectionism because black and white photography is not possible without that unique feature. Just like any other form of photography black and white picture has certain aspects which need to be understood clearly in order to take just an amazing black and white shot.

 black and white photography

According to some photographers, black and white picture is worth of a thousand words because it shows those aspects of a picture, which are usually missing in a colored photography. Not only this, black and white picture enhances the overall quality of the picture by introducing some eye opening features of the captured picture. For instance, if you are doing black and white marine photography then, photographer would be able to identify some structures and picture with in the picture. There is certainly no denying the fact that black and white picture is one of the most beautiful aspects of photography and can surely bring words to a picture.

When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls

Ted Grant

Today, the photography lovers would able to find useful information about some tricks and techniques of the black and white photography with beginner’s guide. Before starting our discussion, I would like to bring your attention to the fact that taking photographs is a skill and your camera picture can only be converted into an art, if it’s taken according to the strategies and methods stated by your teacher. It is always advised to have an extensive knowledge about working of your camera just avoid any future photography errors.

black and white photography

Before digging dip into the working of the black and white photography, I would like to give you valid information about those camera’s, which can be used for capturing a black and white picture.

Types of Cameras

There are numerous types of cameras, which helps the photographers in capturing the real essence of the picture and speaking thousands of words through it. Some cameras are differentiated on the basis of their lens while others are differentiated on the basis of their focal points. They are also distinguished on their working mechanism and how they tend to perform a particular task in the given time period. (Ilie, 2005).

Some of the types of cameras are as follows:

Film Camera

Film camera is one of the most significant types of camera because of its differentiated working system and its features of usability. (Yan, Zhao, & Lian, 2007). All the film camera’s available in the market are capable of performing almost the identical task however, the greater importance is given to the point and shoot camera, which are known for their dual working mechanism. Film camera is further subdivided into Rangefinder Camera, which is known for its higher level of control. The owner of this camera should have knowledge about different focusing factors and how they should be used. Another film camera is the single lens Reflex camera, which is used by the professional photographer for shooting purposes.

DSLR Camera’s

Another most common form of camera is DSLR and it now a days this camera is used by those people who are interested in getting knowledge about the basic working of the camera. This camera is famous because of its professional features and give the chance to beginners in getting maximum knowledge about the usage and handling of the exposure followed by certain professional camera terms.

There is certainly no doubt in the fact that above mentioned cameras can surely help you in capturing a perfect black and white picture with just perfect contrast and adjusted balance.

black and white photography

Essentials Needed For Every type of Photography

1. Neutral Density Filter or Graduated Neutral Density

If you are interested in monitoring the amount of light incoming your camera then, for that purpose you are supposed to take neutral density filter with you. This filter is highly significant and helps the camera in maintaining the light which is obligatory for the lens to capture the picture. This filter also helps the camera person in giving the picture a professional look and transform the picture into an amazing piece of art.

2. Light Controlling Software

Sometimes, due to the lighting issue the camera person finds it difficult to capture a black and white picture in its natural setting however, this problem can be minimized if you have access to several light controlling software’s which can be sometimes downloaded for free and sometimes the person is supposed to pay amount. These software’s are highly useful and can help in converting the colors of the picture

3. Managing Exposure Shutter

Shutter speed effectively contributes in the overall quality of the picture and helps in achieving the targeted goal therefore, it should be kept under-Control. Speed of exposure shutter can be manually adjusted however, if camera has no option then, this can be done with photo-editing software’s like light room etc.

black and white photography ‫

Above-mentioned are the most vital factors and should be well-thought-out and taken care of.

Now it’s time to talk about those Characteristics of Black and White Photography, which are highly important.

Learn to Work on the Monochrome Mode

It won’t be wrong to claim that monochrome mode is one of the most significant modes of photography because it helps the photographer in identifying those filters, which are highly essential for a good photography. Some of the monochrome mode are as follows:

Contrast for Black and White Photography

Contrast is treated as one of the most important factors in black and white photography as it has the capacity of changing the entire look of the picture by making it more perfect just in the right manner. If you are taking the picture in the light-room then, it would be easy for you to change it into more beautiful picture.

black and white photography
Adjusting the colors of the picture according to the light supplied

When it comes to black and white photography then, there is no denying the fact that it can only be taken in the good color only if the pictures of the black and white shades are perfectly adjusted according to the light supplied. Sometimes the light supplied by the nature is more towards the white balance rather than the black one. So in these type of cases, the person is supposed to make the balance of both the lights in the right manner.

Cropping Unadjusted parts of the picture

Once you have taken the picture and adjusted its light, now the next step is more about cropping unadjusted parts of the picture so that the balance of the picture looks more clear and appealing at the very same time. It is usually advised to crop the picture in the square format so that it can have more compelling touch and it can attract the eyes of more people at the same time.

black and white photography

It won’t be wrong to say that doing black and white photography isn’t a hard job however, the person is definitely supposed to show case some skills so that he/she can come up with a good picture in the short period of time.

** NOTE ** If you’d like to know more about this subject, learn more about the essential guide to black and white photography, to help you bring the timeless art of black and white photography to the modern science within your camera.

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