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9 tips for Outdoor photography lighting

Outdoor photography lighting

Photography has been adopted as a profession by many people in the world and technology has helped a lot to make this profession better. Perfect photographic pieces need perfect arrangements and perfect tools for outdoor photography lighting. Photography tools and equipments include: Camera, proper light, expertise. Light is important because it helps to make a perfect and clear photograph. A new trend has been developed in the field of photography to make beautiful, enchanting, attractive photographs. Outdoor photography requires the proper adjustment of light to make clear and attractive photographs. There are many different methods to adjust the outdoor photography lightning having different positive effects on photographs.

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9 tips for Outdoor photography lighting


Shape of the subjects matters a lot while adjusting the light. To make the picture noticeable and centralized, rape any cloth around the subject according to the environment. Adjust the light to the point where the subject is clearly visible and beautiful. Avoid direct sunlight during outdoor photography. Direct sunlight is not soft, it is harsh and can cause hard directional shadows or the subject can squint. Shadows create soft images and you feel difficult to make clear highlighted images. You can make perfect images and attractive looks by adjusting the light, providing proper exposure and adjusting white balance.

Keep your subject at the right angle from sun

Adjustment of light is very important in outdoor photography, so you should not capture a photo when sun is just behind the subject. Keep the subject away from sun because it darkens the image. You can wait till the sun hides itself behind clouds, or you can make photographs by adjusting the position away from sun.

Outdoor photography lighting

Use of Reflectors

Use of natural reflectors can help you to adjust light in a better way. You can focus the camera in such a way that the things around the subject act as the natural reflector.

Use of flash brackets for outdoor photography lighting

Use flash brackets because they keep the flash at a proper distance and at proper angle. It eliminates the possibility of red-eye if you are working in dim outdoor light, at evening. Keep the angle of flash at a proper level and adjust it before capturing the image. Flash brackets are available from Newton Custom Brackers, strobframe and Vello etc.

A sunny day is better for outdoor photography lighting

If you are a professional photographer, it is better to do your photogrpahic work outside when sun light is available. Just keep a proper distance and adjust a proper angle from sun. usually, people are happier during summers because it provides enough light for a good piece of photography. Cover your flash when you are working as a photographer outside, without any shades.

Outdoor photography lighting

Requirements for best outdoor photographs by proper lighting:

Very expensive equipments are not necessary for good photography, you can be a killed photographer by just practicing some good things about photography. To startup, you need

  • Reflector
  • Standard zoom lens
  • Flashgun

To add something extra, and to get more appropriate photographs, you just need the following things:

  • Fast prime lens
  • Telephoto zoom lens
  • Wireless flash trigger
  • Flash diffuser

These little things will help you to adjust your subject as well as to adjust the lighting to capture high quality photographs.

Outdoor photography lighting


Look at the above image, above photograph. It shows complete adjustment and use of proper lighting. The camera has focused on the face angle of the subject and has adjusted the light direction in such a way that the intensity of light itself provides the opportunity to make some proper image.

Give importance to lens

Adjust the lens in the best way because long focal lengths are better than short focal lengths. The sharpness of the subject can be increased by adjusting the long focal length. It will adjust the light and prevent blurring.
Adjust the settings of camera
Adjust the camera in manual mode and adjust the shutter speed as sync speed and point the camera just behind the model, then adjust aperture. The shutter speed should be adjusted equivalent to camera’s flash sync speed, for largest possible opening and keep the depth of field in your notice.

Exposing the background for outdoor photography lighting

Make use of light to adjust the background in a precise manner. Maintain the exposure of your subject to light by using fill flash. Maintain the effects which can be caused by over exposure or under exposure to light.
If you want to over expose the background, you have to adjust the camera’s shutter settings, shutter speed, for example, if the default camera settings are 1/60s at f 2.8 and ISO 100, and you want to over expose the background, and then adjust the camera settings by 1/30 at f 28 and ISO 100.
If you want to under expose the background, you have to increase the shutter speed as compared to default. Following the default settings of camera, you want to under expose the background, then you should adjust the camera settings as 1/125s at f 2.8 and ISO) 100.
Background is important, and if you want to adjust the light properly, you should properly maintain the background exposure.

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Location is most important

For outdoor photography lighting, location is most important factor. It is very interesting to make photographs outside and in open areas because you have wider area range and more angles to explore. You should select a location with natural light, and make sure the proper use of this light as mentioned above.

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