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9 Awesome Tips for the Best Birthday Party Photography

Birthday Party Photography

When it comes to birthday party photography, creativity is crucial. One of the happiest and most important days in the life of kids is their birthday, Although the cake and presents could be what the celebrant has his or her eyes on, the photos you take at every moment of the celebration are vital. Birthday parties are always full sentiments and fun memories, so it is now up to you to put those amazing memories and bring it to life in colorful print.

So, now another big birthday bash is around the corner, and you are not sure of how to go about taking excellent pictures that will create breathtaking memories, don’t worry! Just keep up with the following proven tips and you will be astonished by how great the pictures will turn out to be.

 Tips for birthday party photography

  1. First things first: Make preparations for the party

Every great achievement in life is birthed from adequate preparation, the same applies to a birthday celebration, you don’t have to wait until the big day before you start making preparations on how to take great photos.

In regards to preparation, you have to know the specific location ahead of time, this implies that you have to know if party is going to take place in a home or at an amusement park. This is crucial because each location has its own photographic characteristics. To this effect, you have to prepare ahead of time for the perfect digital camera settings that will deliver beautiful photos for every snapshot. Also remember the basics such as checking your batteries and having your memory card fully ready for the event.

  1. Scan the venue of the event

It is also crucial to know the things that could possibly be in your way at the birthday party. For instance, there could be certain fixed objects, hanging plants or excessive light at the point where the optimal photos are to be taken, if this is the case, you can consider setting the main table someplace else. This is also part of initial preparation as it is better to figure this out before the event.

birthday party photography

  1. Use the Zoom function

Birthday pictures looks great if you zoom in, this comes in handy for capturing expressions of the celebrant especially when they are playing with their friends. You can decide to capture wide-angle pictures that fills the entire frame. You can set a zoom lens of 24-70 mm, this setting is ideal for this kind of images.

  1. Do not use the “Flash” all the time

There is a general belief that the camera’s flash should always be activated when capturing photos. However, in some cases, especially at birthday parties, shots that has to be taken while the birthday cake is being lit with candles do not need the camera’s flash so the photo can be captured in ambient light. The camera’s flash can be used to brighten the kid’s face but do not overuse it, as in some cases it could make the pictures look harsh and unnatural.


  1. Capture Close-up photographs

This kind of pictures are best taken when the kids are blowing out the lit candles on the cake or when they are opening birthday presents. Close-up photographs gives more details of the fun activities of the event, this is why  it is highly recommended that you capture every moment perfectly.

Few tips on capturing birthday  close-up photos:

  • Make use of a shallow depth of field to reduce the focus on the background.
  • Adjust the shutter speed to be at 1/160th per second to keep the pictures sharp.
  • If you are indoors, it is advisable to use a higher ISO setting probably because the light may be less.
  1. Create a Birthday party pictures list

This might seem irrelevant, but trust me, it’s very vital. Try to construct a list of important pictures that must be taken at the party, this can come in handy when the party has started fully as you can easily refer to the list to keep up with the pace of the event. Examples include: shots taken while gifts are opened, decorations at the party, kids participating games, adults in attendance etc.

birthday party photography

  1. 7. Be at the same level with the kids

When you’re involved in birthday party photography, always remember to get down to the level of the kids, this can make your job a whole lot better and easier. Taking shots from the child’s level puts the kid at ease with you and it also allows you to capture great memorable shots.

  1. Try photo comparison

Consider taking multiple shots of important photographs. This will help you in differentiating the perfect photos from the not so perfect ones. Consider photographs taken with the camera’s flash and those without flash, and see which one works best for you. You can also try different F-stops and different metering modes.


  1. Capture Candid photographs

In most cases, the best birthday party photographs turns out to be candids. Since majority of the birthday photographs are taken consciously, candid shots offer a special kind of uniqueness. One of the best kind of candid birthday party photograph are the ones that capture shots of sleeping children, this is because they always turn up out to be cute, and are sure to produce a smile to the viewer. “candid photos shows the flavor of the party”

So far so good we have seen few tips that can help you in your quest of capturing great snap shots at that upcoming birthday party. Take this tips coupled with your innate creativity and your birthday party photography skills will be the best in town!

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