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7 Ways To Get Great Colors In Your Photos Without Photoshop

The difference between a professional and amateur photographer is the ability to use the camera to achieve anything you want. Most talented and creative professional photographers depend less on photo-editing tools like Photoshop and more on their skills and camera settings.

There are two reasons why colors are important, the first reason is that color can help tell a story and it can as well be used to communicate on an emotional level. Natural colors are responsible for making a photo feel lively, exciting, mysterious and a bit melancholic.

You are a true photographer if you can make your photo compelling and alive by showing colors. Colors are the spice of life, they make things beautiful. Fortunately, it is possible to achieve great colors in your photos without Photoshop. This is a trick amateur are still struggling to get.

In this article, you will learn how to make your photos more interesting, alive, compelling, and colorful using some special tools and your skills. Follow the tips below to enhance your photography skills and make your images more colorful with your skills instead of depending on Photoshop.

The first step to achieving a colorful image without Photoshop is finding a great scene and shooting in a good weather. Another step is to get a good camera; all these in addition to the steps below will help you achieve vibrant and colorful images with less dependence on Photoshop:

1. Make Use of Polarizer Filter

You've heard about polarizer filters and what they can do; now is the time to use them to your advantage. When you use polarizer filter at right angles, it will take away reflections. Without the reflections, you can be able to see true colors. This trick works great in the sky, leaves, water, and skin tones.

2. Make Adjustments in Your In-Camera Saturation Level

You can beat getting dull colors on an overcast day by adjusting your in-camera saturation. Most cameras come with an option to make this adjustment. There are advantages to making this adjustment in your camera than using Photoshop, the first advantage is that you will see the colors before you and you can be able to choose a more "real" saturation level at this stage than you would be able to do when looking at your monitor during post-processing. Another benefit is that it will save you a lot of time.

3. Try Underexposing a Little or a Lot

One reason why you may get a faded or washed out colors is that most camera's in-built metering system tends to err on the side of lighter exposures. You will get much richer colors if you underexpose your images.

4. Switch your Color Space

You can use this trick to achieve a much variety of colors. The fact is that your camera is by default set to SRGB. When your camera is kept in this setting, it only shows the colors visible on the web. However, if you switch to Adobe RGB, the color gamut will become much wider and your camera can be able to capture larger color varieties.

5. Make use of Your White Balance

You may not be aware that your in-camera white balance is an awesome tool for correcting different lighting. You can as well use this tool to add mood to your images. You will see a significant improvement on your photo's color if you make good use of white balance.

6. Choose a Perfect Time of the Day/Year to Shoot

One great trick to having the perfect color on your images without Photoshop is to choose the perfect time to shoot. For instance, if you plan on getting great fall colors, I will recommend you take your shots on the right day and at the right time. It may take the time to get the perfect timing but it definitely worth it. When you are finally able to achieve this, you will get amazing colors in your photos and you will have a great delight in seeing them with your eyes as well.

7. Make Use of Adequate Lighting

Light is very important in every photograph. You cannot achieve true colors in a poor light situation, this is why it is important to choose the time of the day when you will be able to get perfect lighting, this will ensure that your colors pop out and make your photos more lively and exciting.


There is this special joy you get when you master how to achieve many things such as true color on your shots without depending too much on photo-editing softwares. Learning to master your camera settings and conditions to get perfect images will help you a lot. If you can master how to shoot without depending on editing tools, you will certainly see big changes in your photography career.

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