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7 Reasons Your Photos Suck (and How to Fix Them)

7 Reasons Your Photos Suck

You know those moments when you've put in every possible effort and your photos don't turn out the way you wanted them. That could be very frustrating for you. Unfortunately, you are making some errors that you are not aware of. This situation can make some aspiring photographers to give up.

Photography is a very tricky profession. A little mistake can make your photos to turn out ugly. If you want your photography to always turn out professionally, you will need to ensure that you get everything correct right from the camera you use, to your subject and your camera settings. Realizing that you are making a mistake is the first step to learning how to correct them.

In this article, you will learn some simple reasons why your photos suck and you will also learn how to fix them. Once you correct these mistakes, you will begin to produce beautifully images.

Below are top 6 reasons why your photos suck and how you can easily fix them:

1. Bad Lighting

The first thing you should learn about photography is that lighting is very important. This is one of the best kept secret of professional photographers and also the reason most of them invest hugely in lighting equipment for their photography. If you want to get professional photos, you need to learn how to add adequate light to your photos.

Moreover, your camera pop flashes won't do justice to your photos. Instead of using the pop up flashes which tend to cast a very harsh light over your subject, incorporate more natural light to create more beautiful photos.

2. No Technical Know How

If you are serious about your photography, you'll need to master your camera settings. Using the "Auto Mode" every time you want to take a photo won't always work for you. You need to learn the technical aspect of your camera such as shutter speed, aperture, white balance and ISO settings. Mastering how these technical aspects of your camera works will ensure that you are always getting the best photos.

Learning how to control (set) your camera manually will help you to get perfect adjustment for any situation/subject you want to capture with your camera.

3. You Didn't Read the Manual

You may be overly excited the first time you get your camera that you totally ignore that it comes with a manual until your photos start being blurred, overexposed or underexposed. The first thing you should do when you get your camera is to read the manual. Understand how it works and what special features come with the camera.

4. You are Shooting at the Wrong Time

Even if you have the best camera in the world, you still need to learn to master the perfect time to take photographs in order to get the best photos. Weather conditions can affect the quality of your images. This is why you need to shoot in the evening or early morning when the sun is low if you want to get the best result. If you take pictures under the midday sun, your photos may appear too bright, harsh, and over-exposed.

Moreover, the sun makes it hard to focus when you want to capture a scene during the day. Even your camera will also struggle in this situation. The best way to overcome this problem is to shoot in the evening in order to get much more even exposure.

5. You are Using the Wrong White Balance

If you want your photos to look natural, you need to ensure that you are using the right white balance. In fact, white balance is vital to getting beautiful photos. If you are using the wrong white balance, it will not only produce a nasty color cast but also make your photos to look unnatural. You can see an ideal example of this situation when you are shooting under tungsten light, your subject skin color can appear almost orange.

6. You Are Distracted

It is not uncommon for photographers to be distracted when taking photos. You may be preoccupied with getting your subjects to stand straight, getting the right setting or being distracted by what is going on the background. The first thing you should learn is how to maintain focus. This will ensure that you don't forget all the factors that contribute to a perfect photo.

7. You Refuse to Learn from Professionals and Buy Accessories You Don't Need

One way to ensure that your photos turn out perfect is to learn from the experience of professional photographers. You must learn to pull out from the newbie crowds and take instructions from professionals. Moreover, avoid buying accessories that you don't know how to use or you don't even need. Stick to what you are good with and master how to use them. Too many accessories will get you confused and end up messing up your photos. Before buying any accessory for your camera, ensure that you know the purpose of the accessory and how to use it.

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