7 Common Mistakes That Newbie Street Photographers Make

Street Photography Mistakes

You've finally purchased the camera of your dream, test run it and now you are ready to start making money or living your dream as a photographer! Easy there tiger! Being too fast to start shooting will leave you with couple of errors, and if you are not carefully, you will lose your faith in your ability before you even get started.

Everybody makes mistakes. That is the first thing you should understand in photography. However, these mistakes are more prevalent in amateur or newbie photographers. Mistakes are not bad as far as you are open to learning and improving. In my career as a professional photographer, I've worked with lots of upcoming photographers, I have come to notice that lot of mistakes popular among this group of people come from the same group of errors. Today, we are going to take a look at some of these common mistakes and how you can overcome them to become a better photographer.

Some of these mistakes include:

1. Not Taking Enough Photos

It often amazes me why some new street photographers don't take enough photos in this age of digital photography. Taking images is free in this age. Hence, it is often better to have too much than not to have enough. You can always delete the ones you don't need.

To fix this, ensure you capture your subject multiple times from different angles. Apart from this, use different settings to shoot, this will give you lots of options when editing the images.

2. Poor Lighting

Indeed, the first thing you should learn as a photographer is how to include proper lighting into your photography. Light is an element that you cannot do without in any shot you want to take. If you want all your photographs to turn out good, start learning more about how to capture light and the best way to use them.

3. Not Getting Close Enough to the Subject

Darn it! You are not a sniper, you are a photographer! Unless you are a private detective you will need to get close enough to your subject in order to get the fine details of the portrait. You need to get closer and capture what is most important. If you are far from your subject, you won't be able to get the details you need and this will make it even more difficult when you are editing.

4. Lack of Subject or Point of Interest

One of the worst mistakes most newbie photographers make is that they think that they need a lot of information in their photos. Whether you are capturing natural landscapes or street scenes, your image will turn out better when you have a subject or a point of interest.

Avoid adding too many distractions to your shot. It will make our shots seem extremely cluttered and appeared confusing to your viewers. When taking landscape shots, ensure you focus on a subject instead of trying to focus on the entire scene.

5. Lack of Patience

Street photography requires a lot of patience, this is why most newbie photographers fail; it is because they lack patience. It is a lot like fishing, not every time you catch the big one and not every fish will be good. Learn to go out and observe, above all, learn to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to get the perfect shot.

6. Not Moving Around Enough

Remember that you are not a static surveillance camera; you need to move around to get the best shots. Bend, lean, stand, jump, run, do it as you want but the important thing is to keep moving around until you get good shots from various angles. Stop staying in the same place while shooting. You will only find new perspectives when you experiment with some new positions.

7. Using Only the Built-in Flash

Like I mentioned above, lighting is the most important element in photography. Unfortunately, most amateur photographers don't realize this or simply don't know how to add more lighting to their shots. You don't always get what you wanted when you use the built-in camera flash; sometime it will be too bright or get awful shadows. You don't need to rely on your camera flash alone especially if you are a micro photographer, spend money on some quality photography lighting system to make your photography better.

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