4 Mistakes Beginners Make Using a Wide-Angle Lens and How to Avoid Them

Photography is a very glamorous profession nowadays. The number of people interested in taking up photography as a profession is higher than ever before. Even those individuals who do not see themselves taking up photography as a profession they too are inquisitive about it. One of the reasons for the rise in popularity of photography may be caused by the various social networking websites where photo sharing is an everyday affair. People often try too hard to take excellent pictures, however, in reality, the difference between a great photo and an ordinary one is very little. Little adjustments here and there and the pictures could look almost as good as those taken by professional photographers.

If you too are a beginner and you are seeking to improve your photographic skills, then one thing that can be a little tricky to get a hold of is the correct use of the wide angle lenses. However, once you master that part of photography, you are sure to see a lot of difference in the overall quality of your pictures. In this article, we will be discussing a few mistakes that most beginner photographers make while using the wide angle lens and the ways to avoid those mistakes. With these small tips, you would be able to capture photos which are much better when compared to your previous efforts.

Before you invest heavily in photographic equipment, it is essential to have a good understanding of the products that you are buying. One should not go to the market and buy things just because someone, else has suggested those to you. You should always read and ask people about any equipment that you may want to buy and only buy them after a thorough research. You should do the same before buying lenses too.

1. One of the most common mistakes that almost all the beginner photographers make while taking the photo with wide angle lens is that they tend to keep everything in the picture equidistant from the lens. You may have a fabulous idea for an image, but a small mistake of this kind may prevent you from that idea to properly materialize. For taking perfect pictures with wide angle lens, you need to have something close to the lens. Many professional photographers often like to go as close a few inches from the subject as this creates a greater focus on the subject. By getting close to the subject, you can add more perspective and depth to your shots. It makes them much more attractive when compared to images taken from a distance. The audience too can notice the depth of the picture observing minute details when the photo is captured from proximity.

2. Another widespread mistake made by people who are not too aware of how to use the lens while taking wide angle pictures is to not have a clear subject in their image. This mistake is very closely associated with the previous error mentioned. As when you take a picture from a distance, nothing stands out in the image and hence everything kind of looks a bit insignificant. The moment you close in on the subject, then the focus is heavily on it. It stands out and attracts the viewers’ attention. Therefore it the solution to the second mistake is the same as the solution to the error mentioned earlier. In this case too if you close in on the subject while capturing an image then the subject will stand out, making the whole image look a lot better.

Another key aspect that makes the subject of the image of standing out is the composition of the picture and the lighting. While taking the image, the photographer must be aware of the surrounding aspects of the picture He must ensure that the light is right and also to the fact that the background isn’t too distracting so as to attract the attention away from the main subject. The background should complement the subject and not draw attention away from it.

3. The third mistake that many beginner photographers make is to try and add too much into one image. This mistake is common not only for beginners but also some of the more experienced photographers. The wide angle lens allows the photographer to capture a big frame, however, still it is important to focus on a single interesting subject and stick to it. Trying to capture too many things at once can take away from the simplicity of the picture which is a key component of photography as a whole. Even in a wide angle, it is essential to add definition to the subject. In this case too like the earlier two cases getting close to the subject while shooting the picture can go a long way to improving the quality of the picture.

4. The fourth mistake that new photographers make while using wide angle lens is to take photos of people and their faces with them. If you use this to take pictures of people’s faces, then it more often than not gives bad results as the wide angles are known to distort things. It is because of this that the result is not flattering. It happens as the aspects of one’s face change with wide angles. For example, you may find the nose of the subject is slightly longer than usual, or the jaw looks protruded and so on. It is best not to use wide angle lens while taking close up pictures of people mainly their faces. However, if you intend on taking a full body picture of one with an excellent background then it is okay to use the wide angles as such a scenario you the wide angles can highlight the person as the main subject enhancing the beauty of the picture.

With the tips mentioned above, the possibility of taking good pictures with wide angle lens is higher. It is also important not to try all pictures with wide angles. You must choose the subject carefully and know when it is necessary and when it is not.

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  • Mistake number one you mention pro photographers having their subject in the foreground as close as a few inches. One of the first mistakes I made was buying a lens thinking I can get that close. Most of my lenses the closest focus distance is a 18 inches. But ideally yes you should have something in the foreground, middle ground and background.

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