10 Camera Backpacks And Bags To Protect Your DSLR And Lenses

Every photographer needs a camera bag; it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer. It is one of the first rules of photography. The fact is that photography is an expensive hobby. Most cameras, lenses, and other accessories are pretty expensive and very sensitive. You can easily damage them if you don't find a way to protect them.

Fortunately, you can buy camera bags to ensure that your DSLR, lenses, and other accessories are protected from the actions that can ruin them. Even when you are traveling, these bags can offer solid protection to your kit and keep them safe.

In this article, we've rounded up the best camera backpacks. We considered factors such as convenience, price, quality, and ease-of-use. We provided you with so many options so that you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Whether you are flying, hiking, or climbing the Himalayas, these backpacks will provide solid protection for your camera kits.

Below are the 10 best backpacks for your camera and accessories:

1. Case Logic Kontrast KDH101 DSLR Zoom Holster

This backpack is a huge success from Kontrast. The new Case Logic Kontrast KDH101 provides solid protection to your DSLR, lenses, and even has room for other accessories. Whether you are hiking or traveling, you can put your faith on this backpack. It will provide the type of protection most other backpacks won't provide to your DSLR.

Kontrast made it big enough to contain big lenses such as 105mm. Your lenses are protected with a "hammock system" which runs halfway down. This bag also comes with sides’ pockets for storing your accessories such as memory cards, extra batteries, and more.

When it comes to design and look, you will be proud to carry Kontrast KDH101 around. You can easily sling it over your shoulder while you are out. No doubt, Case Logic Kontrast KDH101 DSLR Zoom Holster is worth buying by every photographer.

2. Manfrotto Advanced Camera and Laptop Backpack

The first thing you will notice about this bag is the design. It looks very stylish and simple. It doesn't end there; it can comfortably and securely hold your 13-inch laptop that you will use in processing. It also has a front pocket for your tablet.

The main body, which is well-padded for extra security can securely accommodate one DSLR and three lenses, as well as a 70-200mm. The top of the bag is designed to hold your accessories; you can even pack your lunch along with you in this roomy top area. What made this backpack stand out is the pull-out rain cover in the base; this feature protects your bag and its contents from the rain.

Manfrotto Advanced Camera and Laptop Backpack also comes with an expandable tripod pocket and have the capacity to accommodate a small drone such as Mavic Pro drone. No doubt, the bag was designed for a professional photographer. You can pack all you need for a job and offer them solid protection with this bag.

3. Thule Aspect DSLR Backpack

At the first look, you will instantly understand that this bag was designed for serious photographers and of course, those that love to look stylish and classic. Even with the slim design, it can securely house a giant 15.6-inch laptop in the side-opening sleeve. It also has a space for your tablet.

We not only added this bag to our list because of its premium look and feel but also because of its design - you can practically use it for any kind of photography expedition. The design made it easy to access your camera from a side pocket. The bag also comes with plenty of dividers that keep the contents of your bag secured. You will feel like the "most stylish" photographer in the whole world when you step out with this bag.

4. Moshi Arcus multi-function backpack

The first time you see this bag, you will think it is a box. But no, it is a Japanese-inspired backpack with a compact and modular design. It also comes discreet zippered body-facing pockets that are perfect for concealing your traveling documents.

To make it easier to carry and protect your DSLR camera gear with this bag, you will need to add the optional camera insert. This backpack is designed to accommodate 3 lenses and one DSLR body (i.e. when you add the insert). The bag has the capacity to accommodate a 15-inch laptop without the insert. If you need to carry your tablets, smartphone, and other accessories, there are padded pockets that come with this bag to accommodate them easily. The look is truly classic and perfect for every photographer.

5. LowePro Streetline 140

If you are looking for a camera bag that will contain all the equipment you need for the job, then I will recommend this bag. It can easily accommodate your 11-inch laptop, tablet, your camera gear, and accessories. You certainly won't leave anything behind when you have LowePro Streetline 140.

This backpack is best for smaller entry-level DSLR or a compact mirrorless camera. You will love it if you are a street photographer or a macro photographer. It is perfectly designed for photographers that are traveling with their equipment.

6. LowePro Pro Roller X200 AW

LowePro Pro Roller X200 AW is a stylish backpack that is designed for landscape photographers. Whether you are going to safari or Australian outback, this TSA-approved roller can offer solid protection to your tools for the job. It is designed to perfectly accommodate 2 DSLRs and up to 8 lenses of size up to 600mm.

LowePro Pro Roller X200 AW comes with MaxFit padded dividers, but they are adjustable. There are more than enough pouches on this bag to store your accessories such as a 17-inch laptop, tripod, and more. The bag comes with a wheel; you can easily roll it through the airports. LowePro Pro Roller X200 AW ensures that you have all you need as a landscape photographer.

7. ONA The Camps Bay

ONA The Camps Bay looks outdoorsy and perfect for every type of photographer. It is tough and comes as a retro-styled waxed canvas-and-buckles backpack. With this bag, most people won't be able to guess you are traveling with a DSLR. It has the capacity to securely accommodate a lot of camera gear and can store a DSLR with a 70-200mm lens attached in its main compartment.

Another great thing about ONA The Camps Bay is that it has enough room for 6 or 7 more lenses when you place dividers inside. It also has a space for your 17-inch laptop that you will use for post-processing. ONA The Camps Bay comes with a leather undercarriage to enable you carefully place the bag down outside. ONA The Camps Bay is a lovely bag and serves all types of photographers.

8. Manfrotto Holster XS Plus

Manfrotto Holster XS Plus is very small but efficient camera backpack. It is designed to make maximum use of spaces and can comfortably accommodate compact mirrorless APS-C cameras such as Fujifilm X-T2 and Sony A6500. You can as well have a camera fitted with an 18-50mm lens inside the main compartment of this small but efficient camera backpack.

Manfrotto Holster XS Plus is compact, tough, and offers solid protection for your camera and lenses. It also comes with extra spaces for your accessories. This backpack is perfect if you don't want to travel with a heavy or big backpack. It is small but makes efficient use of spaces.

9. LowePro Taho BP 150

Shaped like a bug and looks nothing like a camera bag, LowePro Taho BP 150 offers a solid protection to your camera and lenses. It comes with a hard but padded front lid which zips the bag all round. It can accommodate a DSLR and up to 5 lenses.

It comes with UltraFlex divider that allows you make maximum use of your spaces. It can as well accommodate your other accessories. LowePro Taho BP 150 is perfect for street photographers and for use during hiking.

10. Vanguard Up-Rise II

Compact and flexible, Vanguard Up-Rise II was designed to accommodate a DSLR and pro-level zoom lens, including up to 4 lenses. It also has a room for your flash and other accessories.

This roomy bag and the solid protection it offers are some of the reasons why it is among the most popular camera bags. The interior was designed in orange color to enable you to find whatever you are looking for much faster. There are two ways to access your gears; you can access them either from the front or from the side. Vanguard Up-Rise II not only make it easier to carry your camera gear while traveling, it is also designed to help you find them easier.

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