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Tips for Nightscape Photography
night photography

5 Tips for Better Nightscape Photography

If you have never tried night photography before, you should make a plan to start it this New Year. You could get some pretty amazing shots if you know what you are doing. If you have been trying it before with little or no success, don't give up yet, you can still get better with just a...

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Kit Lens

Why your Kit Lens is Better than You Think

As a professional photographer, you definitely need a couple of lenses and you will acquire more with time. When you purchase a good lens, you will not only be able to capture some really nice photos with it but it can last you for decades and even longer than your digital camera body.In...

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tips for Taking Cloud Photos
Photography tips

7 Tips for Taking Great Cloud Photos

If you love outdoor photography, then you will know there are few things as beautiful as having clouds in your pictures. When done correctly, your scene will stand out and will leave anyone who sees it breathless.However, taking great cloud photos is not easy. It is something that you...

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Best Wide Angle Lenses For DSLR Cameras

Without a doubt, a super-wide angle lens is one of the most popular accessories for a DSLR. These lenses are very popular amongst sports, wedding, and even portrait photographers. Almost every lens manufacturer offer a variety of choices when it comes to the wide-angle lens.​Take, for...

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